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Partnership Extends the World’s Largest Programmatic Health Platform to Deliver Hyper-Targeted Audience Segmentation

New York, New York (September 6, 2018) – PulsePoint, the leading global authority in programmatic healthcare technology, today announced its partnership with Screen6, a leading provider of cross-device technology. The partnership enables PulsePoint’s platform to precisely identify which devices belong to the same user, allowing healthcare marketers to message and activate the patients and physicians they are looking for, no matter how small or niche the population, and in a manner that is compliant with privacy standards.

Reaching 91% of the US online population, PulsePoint is breaking down the barriers between customer knowledge, customer experiences, marketing impact and health outcomes to achieve radical health personalization. As consumers engage with media differently by device and format, ad campaigns must take place across a number of screens, while attributing value back to each media placement.  

“A core component of our healthcare strategy is to create precise connections and activate customers throughout their digital journey,” said Ezra Suyveke, CTO of PulsePoint.  He added, “Our partnership with Screen6 is a natural evolution of this focus, to enable radical health personalization.”  

The announcement follows the recent launch of Genome by PulsePoint, the most comprehensive integrated health data solution in the market. Genome unifies clinical and real-world data from best-in-class data vendors to create a unique and precise view on consumers, patients and healthcare professionals (HCP), and uses AI to refine and improve learnings.

PulsePoint evaluated several potential cross-device partners and found Screen6 provided them with the best combination of reach and accuracy, surpassing the reach of other vendors by up to 3x. Screen6 is able to achieve the highest coverage by updating PulsePoint every 24-hours, versus other vendors who only update their associations once per week.

“We’re excited to see how our partnership with PulsePoint will enhance healthcare marketing’s ability to reach and message consumers and physicians across devices,” said Keith Petri, Chief Strategy Officer of Screen6. “Screen6 looks forward to continuing to support PulsePoint’s efforts to revolutionize health activation. Identifying and segmenting patients based on their online behavior across not just a single screen, but all of their devices, is vital in the delivery of highly targeted messages in this increasingly fragmented media landscape.”

The programmatic landscape has evolved from scale to precision to personalization, marketers must be more specific not only in the audiences they’re able to target but also with the types of content used to reach them. PulsePoint provides marketers with personalized messaging across both programmatic and content marketing platforms. In addition to cross- screen capabilities now offered, buyers can leverage PulsePoint’s proprietary contextualization technology to further the effectiveness of their advertising spend and message the right person, at the right time, in the right place.


About PulsePoint

PulsePoint is the leading global authority in programmatic health technology. With the most intelligent health-centered view of the customer, PulsePoint has pioneered radical health personalization™, accelerating the discovery and activation of patients and providers for real world outcomes, while helping publishers increase yield through actionable insights. PulsePoint’s core competencies include proprietary data capabilities, natural language processing, and reach across digital devices. On the strength of these capabilities, PulsePoint manages a successful programmatic exchange and content marketing distribution platform for all industry verticals.

About Screen6

Screen6 is the global leader in cross-device identity technology. The company was founded in 2012 and services leading ad tech, mar tech, and research platforms by identifying the missing link in their data – which devices belong to the same person. Screen6 partners are able to make smart, real-time decisions across devices by using exceptionally reliant cross-device data. At Screen6, a team of data scientists and engineering gurus sift through hundreds of billions of data points and find the right matches within.




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