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London – 11th November, 2015 – Adform, the premier ad tech partner for media agencies, trading desks, advertisers, and publishers, has released Cross-Device Audience Management as part of its Advertiser Edge platform, making it Europe’s first Cross-Device Audience Management solution to support both attribution and targeting. Adform’s Cross-Device Audience Management solution enables advertisers and agencies to efficiently discover, connect with, and target users across all of their connected devices at scale.

Adform Cross-Device Audience Management uses probabilistic cross-device audience data (provided by Adform’s launch partner Screen6) and deterministic data, which is combined within Adform’s own DMP in order to link users with all their devices under a single actionable unique ID. This allows marketers to gain a holistic, unified and detailed 360˚ view of their audience across their devices, helping them to fully optimize their ad spend.

At Adform we really value our partnership with Screen6. We have spent almost two years re-engineering our infrastructure to support cross-device identities and profiles throughout our stack. From the beginning and throughout this entire journey, Screen6 has been really supportive, patient and very important for our success. We can safely say that there is no comparable data provider on the market – in fact we have tested and worked with a large number of them before choosing Screen6. Having run tests against the deterministic log-in data some Publishers provide to our DMP, we have been impressed by the sheer accuracy of the Screen6 device graphs. In addition, during 2015 we were delighted to see the positive results Screen6 has brought to the campaigns and attribution cases we have so far enabled for clients.

 Jakob Bak, CTO Adform


Due to this unified view of consumers, Adform Cross-Device Audience Management will allow for increased targeting and retargeting at scale, helping Adform clients target consumers across their devices with relevant messages, considerably improving campaign performance while optimizing ad spend.

Furthermore, Adform Cross-Device Audience Management will help marketers gain far better understanding of their consumer’s path-to-purchase, allowing clients to measure reach and frequency with greater accuracy. Adform Cross-Device Audience Management thereby unites the previously fragmented view of users, and shows all touchpoints in the costumer journey, allowing marketers to further sharpen their messaging towards devices that are more likely to drive conversions.

Jurjen de Wal, Product Director for Mobile Solutions at Adform, said of the release: “We are excited to release Cross-Device Audience Management, as effective cross-device targeting & attribution has up until this point remained somewhat of an enigmatic and problematic topic within ad-tech, due to the counterproductive “walled garden” approach that many large ad vendors insist on using as part of their strategies. Adform’s fully media agnostic approach knocks down the walls for marketers, allowing for effective cross-device attribution and targeting at amazing scale, fully meeting the needs and want for modern, forward thinking marketers looking to make the most of their ad budgets.”

David de Jong, CEO of Screen6, adds: “We are delighted that after a thorough consideration of various cross-device vendors Adform has chosen to work with Screen6. Because of our global approach, and extreme focus on consumer privacy we are able to offer a rivaling solution that allows Adform to offer a best in class platform.”

In a recent campaign, satellite television service Sky Italia used Adform Cross-Device Audience Management and saw a 78% rise in pre-conversion touchpoints for every conversion measured, and expanded its initial audience segment by 49% compared to before using Adform Cross-Device Audience Management. View the Sky Italia case study here. 

About Adform

Adform is a media agnostic tech vendor for media agencies, trading desks, advertisers and publishers that offers the world’s only programmatic brand-led media platform supporting all aspects of multi-screen brand advertising. The Adform tech stack includes demand and supply side platforms, automated guaranteed, a third party ad server, data management platform, private marketplace, programmatic publisher ad server and a market-leading creative suite. Established in Denmark in 2002, Adform now has offices in 15 countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania and Belarus.

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About Screen6

Screen6 is the global leader in cross-device identity management. The company was founded in 2012 and now services more than 30 of the leading ad-tech vendors, by showing them the missing link in their data: what devices belong to the same person. Screen6′ partners are able to make smart real-time decisions across devices by using the clear, concise and exceptionally reliant cross-device data. At Screen6 a team of data scientists and engineering-guru’s sift through hundreds of billions of data points, and find the right matches within. Screen6 was founded by David de Jong and Ruben Gersons and is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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