Screen6 Solves the Ultimate Ad-Tech Puzzle by Connecting 1bln Devices to their Users

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Netherlands-based cross-device company today announces that it surpassed the 1bln mark of connected devices, partnering with 30+ ad-tech vendors.

“Nine out of ten people use multiple devices throughout the day to gain access to news, buy products or connect with their friends,” says Screen6 CEO David de Jong “as many as 21 times an hour an individual switches between these devices, creating an ever granular trace of digital breadcrumbs.” Ad-tech vendors who rely on up-to-date information of their audience struggle to get insights in this type of behavior, still relying on cookies that were made for a single-device world. “With the ever increasing budgets being spent online it’s to be expected that Cross-Device will be the hottest tickets in advertising for years to come”, says de Jong.

With Screen6’ latest addition to its Audience Deduplication platform, the total number of vendors that rely on cross-device data increased to over thirty. These vendors, ranging from leading DSP’s (Demand Side Platforms) to DMP’s (Data Management Platforms) and Retargeters all have one thing in common: they encounter individuals throughout the day on a myriad of devices.

Data driven decision making

Today Screen6 surpassed the illustrious threshold of one billion connected devices. This allows Screen6’ partners to reach a spectacular hundreds of millions on this planet across their devices. This is an 33x increase from Q3 of last year, when the total reach was approximately 30 million: “The vast quantity of connected devices allows our partners to become many times more effective in planning, targeting and reporting” says David de Jong.

Screen6 will continue its current fast pace to complete coverage: “We are continuously increasing the accuracy and reach of our platform,” says Screen6 CTO Ruben Gersons “every day our partners find new uses for our cross-device data”.

About Screen6

Screen6 the leader in offering cross-device data to the ad-tech industry. Since its conception in early 2012, the company has worked on some breakthroughs regarding cross-device matching: True Reach (groundbreaking reach data metric), Cookieless targeting and fully regulatory compliant siloed data analytics.

Today Screen6 services more than 30 of the leading ad-tech vendors, by offering them the missing link in their data: what devices belong to any single individual. Screen6 partners are able to make (real-time) data driven decisions across devices by offering clear, concise and exceptionally reliant cross-device data. At Screen6 a team of data scientists and engineering-guru’s sift through hundreds of billions of items, and find the right matches within. Screen6 was founded by David de Jong and Ruben Gersons and is based in Amsterdam. For more information:

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