Screen6 Launches Server-to-Server ID Syncing Solution idSync

Published October 30, 2018 on MarTech Advisor

Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Screen6, the provider of cross-device identity management, today announced the launch of idSync, a new data syncing technology that precisely matches IDs between multiple datasets offline. idSync is not reliant on traditional cookie syncing to connect datasets but instead operates independently between platforms to support device matching and ID resolution for optimal match rates. idSync is powered by Screen6’s best-in-class technology, as proven by our clients.

As Supply-Side Platforms (SSPs) move towards industry-wide adoption of server-side header-bidding solutions that pose less latency challenges, many are experiencing lower match rates caused by server-side syncs. According to DigiTrust, 25-50% of impressions don’t support traditional 3rd party cookies, and there is an increasing concern that this will result in even lower match rates and decreased yields on unmatched users. With the inability for platforms to communicate on a growing percentage of IDs, it’s becoming more apparent that the match rate challenge is directly responsible for a decline in revenue across the industry – some companies publicly stating revenue declining as much as 25-30% when switching to server-side header bidding solutions.

Screen6’s idSync solves this challenge and is built to drive better results than today’s server-side syncs. idSync is the only server-to-server solution that precisely matches identifiers between ad tech platforms and exchanges to resolve user identity across desktop, mobile, and cookieless environments such as OTT connected TV and the Internet of Things. For example, idSync generates the connection between OTT IDs from one vendor with Device IDs from another to enable post-campaign, in-store attribution.

Screen6 provides faster processing than any other cross-device vendor in the industry, delivering matched results to clients every 24 hours. With most cookies dying within the first week, data processing speed is an important component to consider. idSync accommodates for this cookie loss, providing optimal data daily for client implementation.

“idSync works offline, server-to-server, to build private matching tables between vendors or siloed datasets,” said Keith Petri, Chief Strategy Officer of Screen6. “Because we don’t rely on a cookie sync, there is no data loss and our solution remains globally privacy complaint.”

idSync was a natural derivative of Screen6’s cross-device ID technology. By leveraging an advanced solution that does not depend on master graphs or data sharing, Screen6 has always ensured the integrity of our client’s data and that their device graph is compliant with all privacy standards including both local legislation (GDPR), as well as industry self-regulation.


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