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Series New Solution from Screen6 Identifies Shared Devices Within a Household or Family Unit For Advanced Targeting and Attribution

Screen6, the leading provider of cross-device ID solutions has announced the launch of a new solution for precise identification of shared devices used by individuals within a household. Branded as Advanced Householding, the new device intelligence solution can be used by advertising and marketing technologies to refine their campaigns, extend reach, and eliminate waste associated with traditional householding.

What promoted Screen6 to announce the Advanced Householding for Advertisers?

To answer this, Keith Petri, Chief Strategic Officer U.S. of Screen6, says–

“The average person has four devices, and the average household has nearly 8 Internet-connected devices, including connected TVs and tablets, with many of these being shared by different people within the household. Because the behaviors of a modern household have changed so dramatically, marketers need the ability to group together devices that have a clear similarity.”

Advanced Householding combines several user identification techniques such as intra-device connectivity, location, and usage patterns to track and cluster groups of connected devices with similar behaviors. By recognizing the devices that don’t fully align themselves with a single individual’s behavior, Screen6 is able to assign these shared devices – like some iPads and Connected TVs – to a family unit or “household.”

via Screen6
via Screen6

Keith adds, “By recognizing that IP addresses are not static and by understanding the dynamic relationships between multiple devices, we are able to cluster devices and evolve ad targeting beyond the confines of traditional household profiling based solely on IP address.”

How the Advanced Householding for Advertisers works?

Screen6’s proprietary approach starts with the Unique Identifiers (UIDs) associated to individual Match IDs in the device graph and then identify all common devices with similar behaviors into a Household. This allows advertisers to optimize campaigns based on meaningful connections between devices, instead of relying on traditional householding, which is assigned based on a fixed IP address.

Advanced Householding provides a comprehensive view of all devices and allows advertisers to effectively target ads to the multiple, sometimes shared devices belonging to a “household.”

Screen6 gives cross-device buyers an opportunity to reach out to their audiences across the web, desktop, web, or in-app. Marketers can leverage the differentiated technology to the cross-device ecosystem provided by Screen6.

Screen6 works with the leading demand and supply side platforms, data exchanges and marketing technology platforms to help maximize revenue and ROI for ad spend. Screen6’s technology allows marketers to measure reach and frequency more comprehensively, gain insights into cross-device attribution, allow for targeting at scale, and frequency cap across channels. The Advanced Householding solution is now readily available with the existing Screen6 product suite.