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Our team at Screen6 is constantly educating clients and other industry leaders on the vast complexities of the cross-device space. We know these aren’t simple topics to comprehend, which is why we launched the Screen6 Knowledge Hub where marketers can turn for both basic information on cross-device management, as well as the latest news affecting their campaign strategies.


How to Test a Cross-Device Vendor

The Cross-Device Verification White Paper
Screen6 shares how to properly test a cross-device vendor. In addition, we address the key factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing a vendor, including how to  calculate precision and coverage, plus learn the importance of data freshness.

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Cross-Device 101

A Guide for Understanding Cross-Device Identity Management
This white paper provides a comprehensive look at the state of cross-device and the current challenges and opportunities facing marketers in this realm. Cross-Device 101 serves as a useful entry point for marketers looking to immerse themselves in the fundamentals of cross-device identity management.

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The new Screen6 video series provides simple answers and explanations to some of the ad tech industry’s most basic—yet often misunderstood—topics.

The Challenges and Opportunities with OTT

What is OTT? What opportunities and challenges does OTT bring to the ad tech industry? Keith Petri, CSO of Screen6, provides an introduction to OTT, and shares insights into how it is currently being addressed in the market, plus what a true solution looks like.

Audience Extension vs. Amplification

There is confusion among digital marketers on where and how to find consumers – specifically when it comes to audience extension and amplification. Galina Markova, Data Scientist at Screen6, explains the difference between the two and the benefit to advertisers in this Knowledge Hub video.

Cookie Syncs and Match Rates

Today, platforms are heavily reliant on cookie-syncing in order to communicate about a common user. In this Knowledge Hub Video, Sharon Beynon, Technical Lead at Screen6, dives into how cookie-syncs work and why match rates are an important figure to understand.

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Cross-device benefits ad tech, mar tech, research platforms and many other companies by providing a deduplicated understanding of  their audience data cross-device, cross-exchange, and cross-channel.

Download our one-sheets, where we describe the various ways in which cross-device can turn different challenges vendors experience into new opportunities for growth.


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Cookie Syncing Is Not Cross-Device

The AdTech industry has invested a massive amount of time and energy in salvaging the utility of cookies as a means of helping advertisers better find their target audiences. Unfortunately, all of the current industry efforts fall flat when it comes to creating better experiences for consumers, advertisers and publishers, and that’s due to one basic reason: They don’t solve for cross-device.

Expert Predictions: Will 2019 Be the Year of the Single ID?

The topic of identity management has been brought to the fore in numerous guises in 2018: from omnichannel marketing, to GDPR, unique IDs, to navigating user identity and measurement through walled gardens. Keith Petri, CSO of Screen6, shares his views on what will constitute ‘identity’ in 2019 on ExchangeWire, along with other experts in the space.

Declining Match Rates and the Quest for a Solution

Much is being said today about cookie consortiums, the move to server side header bidding and how this impacts match rates. This piece on MarTech Advisor by Keith Petri, CSO of Screen6, addresses all three aspects of the debate.

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