It’s Not Solved, and It’s Not Easy

The challenge of cross-device for the ad industry is still not solved and it’s not easy. Keith Petri, CSO of Screen6, dives deeper into the issues facing identity management on MarTech Series.

OTT – The World Is Watching

Over the top video (OTT) content continues to be in high demand in both mature and emerging markets around the world. Screen6 CEO, David de Jong, writes exclusively for Broadcasting & Cable on the international growth strategies for OTT.

CES: January 9-12, 2018

Screen6 will be attending CES in Las Vegas to kick off the New Year! Reach out to meet with our team during the conference to discuss your plan for cross-device in 2018.

When it Comes to Reach – Accuracy Counts

It appears that Facebook has some imaginary friends according to industry analyst Brian Wieser (Pivotal Research Group), who recently called out Facebook for misleading the market on what its actual reach is.

GDPR is Fast Approaching: Are You Ready?

A new era of enhanced online privacy is around the bend. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will explicitly hold accountable any marketer that ‘utilises online identifiers’ such as cookies, email address, IP addresses, etc., that are considered personal data under GDPR.