Cookie Syncing Is Not Cross-Device

The AdTech industry has invested a massive amount of time and energy in salvaging the utility of cookies as a means of helping advertisers better find their target audiences. Unfortunately, all of the current industry efforts fall flat when it comes to creating better experiences for consumers, advertisers and publishers, and that’s due to one basic reason: They don’t solve for cross-device.

Samba TV Acquires Screen6, Forming First Global OTT Measurement Solution

As the audience for video splits across devices and consumer viewing behavior shifts from linear TV to streaming video, the ability to understand, measure and deduplicate audiences has become critical for both advertisers and programmers.  Samba TV, the leader in next-generation TV analytics, announced today it has acquired Screen6, the industry’s only real-time cross-device identity resolution platform.

Samba TV Acquires Screen6, Forming First Global OTT Measurement Solution

Samba’s real-time TV viewership data combined with Screen6 technology for cross-device identification provides advertisers, publishers, and platforms immediate access to Samba’s suite of cross-screen measurement solutions to optimize reach and mitigate excess frequency of brand messages.

Expert Predictions: Will 2019 Be the Year of the Single ID?

The topic of identity management has been brought to the fore in numerous guises in 2018: from omnichannel marketing, to GDPR, unique IDs, to navigating user identity and measurement through walled gardens. Keith Petri, CSO of Screen6, shares his views on what will constitute ‘identity’ in 2019 on ExchangeWire, along with other experts in the space.

Declining Match Rates and the Quest for a Solution

Much is being said today about cookie consortiums, the move to server side header bidding and how this impacts match rates. This piece on MarTech Advisor by Keith Petri, CSO of Screen6, addresses all three aspects of the debate.

Why Smarter SSPs Would Be a Boon to Publishers and Advertisers

SSPs are perhaps the most undervalued and inherently powerful links in today’s digital supply chain, and yet their current offerings do not fully reflect this strength. It’s high time that SSPs evolve their business models to become more than mere plumbing in the elaborate media-buying ecosystem.

Screen6 Launches idSync to Replace Cookie Syncing

Amsterdam-based Screen6, a provider of cross-device identity graphs, is out with a new solution that it says can help solve the problem of cookie matching — but without cookies. The Dutch company says its solution can work across a variety of devices, including Over-the-Top (OTT) TV and cookie-challenged mobile devices.

Screen6 Launches Server-to-Server ID Syncing Solution idSync

Screen6 laucnhes idSync to solve the match rate challenge and is built to drive better results than today’s server-side syncs. idSync is the only server-to-server solution that precisely matches identifiers between ad tech platforms and exchanges to resolve user identity across desktop, mobile, and cookieless environments such as OTT connected TV and the Internet of Things.