Resolving the E-commerce Identity Crisis

E-commerce platforms today need to get a better handle on the identity of their users across devices and be able to layer on intelligence about activities that occur when people are not logged into the platforms themselves. By doing so, e-commerce platforms will see drastic improvements. David de Jong, CEO of Screen6, dives into the details on MarTech Series.

Cross-Device Isn’t As Adopted As You Think

Ad tech is struggling to transition to a state of full maturity, and that’s largely due to the continued acceptance of half-truths and inadequate technological shortcuts. The truth is that cross-device is being inadequately addressed by many players within the marketing industry, and the vast majority of companies that say they’re enabling cross-device are either openly lying or seriously bending the truth.

A Multi-Pronged Approach to Fighting Fraud with Fingerprinting and Cross-Device

Having the power to block devices is of paramount importance when combating organized e-commerce fraud. Quickly identifying and blocking a device being used by a fraudster restricts the possibility that a single device will generate numerous accounts with different payment information on a merchant’s platform. We explain the vital role of cross-device identification in online security.

PulsePoint Enhances Cross-Device Health Activation Technology with Screen6

PulsePoint, the leading global authority in programmatic healthcare technology, has partnered with Screen6 to precisely identify which devices belong to the same user. This allows healthcare marketers to message and activate the patients and physicians they are looking for in privacy-compliant manner.

The Importance of Identity for E-Commerce Brands

Keith Petri, CSO, Screen6, stresses the importance of establishing a cohesive customer identity across devices as a means to provide the customized experience that the savvy modern consumer expects.

How to Determine Device Graph Coverage

As marketers become more sophisticated in their identity management practices, measuring the coverage of their device graphs is becoming an increasingly important priority. Our latest Knowledge Hub Tech Blog lays out how to determine the health of your device graph.

Programmatic I/O: October 15 & 16, 2108

This October, Screen6 will be attending Programmatic I/O at the New York Hilton Midtown. Catch up with our team to discuss all of your cross-device needs and learn how Screen6 will help grow your business.

DMEXCO: September 12 & 13, 2018

Screen6 will be back at DMEXCO in Cologne, Germany this year, on September 12 & 13. If your company is attending and looking to hear more about cross-device and learn about our solutions, schedule time to sit down with our team.

ATS London: September 10, 2018

We will be attending ExchangeWire’s ATS London this year. If you’re looking to learn about cross-device identity management or better understand Screen6’s solutions for ad tech, mar tech and research platforms, reach out to our team to schedule a meeting!