The Problem With The Ad Tech Echo Chamber

In the ad tech industry, we spend a lot of time talking to ourselves. Our industry tends to congregate at a series of events throughout the year — Advertising Week, Dmexco, Cannes, and a half a dozen others — and everyone’s “must attend” list is eerily similar. That’s a problem.

The Duopoly Breaker Won’t Be Who You Expect

It’s hard to go a day in our industry without stumbling across a news or opinion piece related to “The Duopoly,” Facebook and Google. Screen6 CEO, David de Jong, shares his thoughts on who he believes will be the duopoly breaker.

Addressability in OTT Is More Than Just Checking The Box

Recently, there have been a number of public discussions that cross-device addressability within OTT is easy to do and essentially a solved issue. However, this is not the case. Not even close. Keith Petri explains why on MarTech Series.

Screen6 Brings Real-Time Cross-Device Identity Solution

Screen6 has launched the solution to offer immediate cross-device user ID resolution. As the only identity provider to deliver this functionality, Screen6 is making it possible to build new associations within client graphs on an ongoing, real-time basis.

The Ever-Moving Target of Cross-Device Tracking

Nearly every advertiser today understands the importance of cross-device tracking as it relates to delivering informed, seamless marketing and customer experiences. However, very few understand just how complicated and challenging.