Frequency Capping In OTT Will Open the Ad Investment Floodgates

Advertisers have long been aware of the importance of monitoring frequency when it comes to their messaging. With the rise of the digital age and the countless new ad venues that it opened, advertisers recognized the need to avoid exposure to too many ad impressions, both as means of improving the user experience and ensuring their ad buys garner the needed reach.

Connected Cars: The Opportunity Is Closer Than Marketers Think

The rise of the connected car has been swift. With most auto manufacturers beginning to offer apps on the in-car dashboard, integrations with voice assistants, and swipe navigation, the latest cars on the market seem more like software platforms that people just happen to drive.

Cannes Lions: June 18-22, 2018

Screen6 will be back at Cannes Lions this year. Reach out to set up a time to meet with the Leadership Team and discuss how our cross-device ID solution can help grow your business.

The Future of Cross-Device

The cross-device landscape is one that’s rife with widespread misunderstandings. Anyone who gazes into their crystal ball and claims to have all the answers is likely wrong, writes Keith Petri, Chief Strategy Officer, Screen6, exclusively for ExchangeWire.

The Problem With The Ad Tech Echo Chamber

In the ad tech industry, we spend a lot of time talking to ourselves. Our industry tends to congregate at a series of events throughout the year — Advertising Week, Dmexco, Cannes, and a half a dozen others — and everyone’s “must attend” list is eerily similar. That’s a problem.

The Duopoly Breaker Won’t Be Who You Expect

It’s hard to go a day in our industry without stumbling across a news or opinion piece related to “The Duopoly,” Facebook and Google. Screen6 CEO, David de Jong, shares his thoughts on who he believes will be the duopoly breaker.