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Platform161, the leading European provider of customizable digital advertising software, has just announced its Global partnership with Screen6. With this integration, Platform161 can now offer their clients the power to gain real insights into their true reach, enabling cross-device frequency capping, cross-device retargeting and cross-device conversion tracking. This integration is unique as it is innovative; the Amsterdam ­based tech vendors are collaborating to offer cross-device technology to their clients on a global scale.

“In order to respond to the increasing demand for cross-­device recognition, we have been looking for a suitable partner that can help us on a strategic level” explains Marco Kloots, CEO and Founder of Platform161. “As Screen6 was the only cross-­device solution that was able to customize their product to local privacy rules and regulations, they are our most adequate answer.”

“We always look for the most innovative solutions out there to strengthen our platform, keeping in mind local dynamics, like user privacy,” says Themer Abourayan, Product Manager DSP at Platform 161, “as a result of this, we have asked the well known law firm Kennedy Van der Laan to audit Screen6 and they certainly lived up to expectations.”

Nicole Wolters Ruckert, attorney­ at­ law at Kennedy Van der Laan, adds “Internet regulation is one of our key areas of expertise, so we were happy to support Platform161 and Screen6 with this integration.”

Furthermore, the Screen6 solution serves to strengthen Platform161’s position as a trusted provider of customizable digital advertising software. “The highly verified accuracy, over 80% when it comes to the identification of device patterns, as well as independence of any third party data,” says David de Jong, CEO and co­founder of Screen6, “means that Platform161 can address the issue of cross­-device with a strong partner on its side”. Also, Screen6 does not use any PII (Personal Identifiable Information) in their cross device matching; essentially, with this integration, Platform161 does not engage in device fingerprinting.

Screen6 was founded by David de Jong and Ruben Gersons and is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands; the company is the global leader in cross-­device identity management. Founded in 2013, Screen6 now services over 30 of the leading ad tech vendors by showing them the missing link in their data: which devices belong to the same person. At Screen6, a team of data scientists and engineering gurus sift through literally hundreds of billions of data points, and find the right matches within.

Platform161 is the digital advertising platform that gives advertisers the flexibility to tap into the full potential of programmatic buying. Platform161 allow advertisers to break away from standardized programmatic advertising by providing a customizable platform that enables therm to adapt to an ever-­changing and dynamic digital market. At Platform161, a dedicated team focuses solely on bringing every individual client the most versatile and effective product possible.

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